Funding solutions for a cleaner greener future.

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A cleaner world is possible

We believe cost should not be a barrier in the fight against climate change. Although there are plenty of energy efficient technologies available, there are millions of people who sadly don’t consider them as affordable.

We’re here to change that.

Clean Air Ventures provide a variety of funding solutions for people across the world who want a cosier home, lower energy bills, efficient technology, and the satisfaction from knowing you’re contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Driven by the ethos of doing good, for the people and the planet.

Our aim is to do good, for the people and the planet.

That means we’re committed to providing you sustainable, low cost solutions that allow you access to a wide range of renewable energy.

We help individuals, families and entire communities improve their home energy efficiency by providing access to funding, help and support.

Looking for a cosier home and reduced bills?

Or to support someone who would benefit from a clean, green energy efficient home?

A Clean Air Ventures Solution

Helping You Fund

Renewable Heating Systems can be expensive but when installed in the right properties they provide attractive environmental and cost benefits.

Securing Renewable Heat Funding from Clean Air Ventures helps you avoid the upfront expense of the system by funding all or part of the installation costs.

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Clean Air Ventures

If you believe that affordability shouldn’t be a barrier to combatting climate change, we’d love you to join us.

We’re always looking to partner with people that want to do good by supporting those all around the world who are struggling to make their homes energy efficient.

That means if you are an investor, entrepreneur, or business that would like to collaborate with us to end fuel poverty, we’d love to partner with you.

With 15 years experience, we’re well placed to help you help those in need. Our work spans both public and private sectors, working with both local and national governments to secure long-term renewable energy investment solutions.

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Funding solutions for a cleaner, greener future

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