Funding solutions for a cleaner, greener future

Welcome to Clean Air Ventures.

We’re on a mission to provide funding solutions to help people across the planet make the switch to a sustainable future.

Many people are still having to rely on fossil fuels and make the choice of whether to heat or eat.

In the modern world, this should not be happening!

We believe cost should not be a barrier to tackling the climate change emergency. Although energy-efficient technologies and services have grown significantly over the last decade, there are still millions of people who could benefit from a cosier home, lower energy bills and more efficient technology – all contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

At Clean Air Ventures we connect entrepreneurs, investors, & businesses with people who are most in need of energy-saving solutions to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and make a real difference in the global efforts to tackle climate change.

Your future, Your planet

Your choice

We are fair

We believe the decisions we make today impact the lives of people across the globe.
We strive to ensure everyone has the opportunity to choose sustainable, energy-efficient solutions supporting the global challenge of climate change.

We are changemakers

We challenge the thinking of our industry. We believe that offering affordable choices linked to funding solutions can help to change the perception of environmentally friendly technologies and services.

We are innovative

We work with entrepreneurs, investors, & businesses to champion the right for all to do their bit for climate change. We innovate and adapt to find solutions for those who want to make the switch to a cleaner, green future.

We are bold

We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and venture into new territory. By flying the flag for more affordable, sustainable solutions, we are dedicated to creating a network of like-minded individuals and organisations who are committed to lowering carbon emissions.

Driven by the ethos of doing good, for people and the planet

At Clean Air Ventures we strive for equality, we challenge the barriers of sustainability and believe energy efficiency should be available to all. We develop simple and affordable funding solutions, which gives everyone the right to tackle climate change.

Affordability and poverty should not stand in the way of a sustainable future.

“I have been in the renewable energy sector all my working life and have seen so many financial blocks within the sector preventing great ideas which will have a lasting impact on the environment from coming forward. I love the idea of being able to enable these solutions by not only raising investment but also providing input from my experience in the sector”

Simon Roberts, founder

Our Partners

We work closely with our partners to ensure the relevant due diligence has been completed on all opportunities presented to the investors.

Our partners include The Royal Bank of Scotland, Lombard, Wyelands Bank and Abundance Investments, to name a few.

Join Clean Air Ventures as a partner and make a change to the way you do business.

Green funding for a sustainable future

Interested in using your money to fund healthy, sustainable, and clean projects?

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