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Who are Clean Air Ventures?

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.0.7″ hover_enabled=”0″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.0.7″ custom_margin=”-75px|auto||auto||”][et_pb_column _builder_version=”4.0.7″ type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.7″ hover_enabled=”0″] At Clean Air Ventures we combine innovation and experience to develop funding and finance models for the renewable energy sector. We offer investments that create something good for the environment, society and a good financial return too. Our aim is to stimulate the uptake of […]

Assignment of rights

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.0.7″ custom_margin=”||-110px|||”][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.0.7″ custom_margin=”-75px|auto||auto||”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.0.7″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.7″] What is the Assignment of Rights? The Assignment of Rights (AoR) scheme helps Social Housing Providers, Local Government and Homeowners to purchase and install renewable heating systems with financial support from an Ofgem approved and nominated investor. To repay the investor for their upfront funding of […]

Domestic RHI Investment

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.0.7″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.0.7″ custom_margin=”-75px|auto||auto||”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.0.7″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.7″] INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Buildings Sector – Renewable Heat Incentive Assignment of Rights Invest to help transition the UK housing stock to a low carbon alternative to fossil fuel heating systems. Our building investments are designed to complement our green energy investments and offer investors sustainable returns with a […]