Want a cleaner, greener heating system for your home at a price you can afford?

Renewable heating systems can be expensive, but when installed in the right properties they provide attractive environmental and cost benefits.

Securing Renewable Heat Funding from Clean Air Ventures helps you to avoid the upfront expense of the system by funding all or part of the installation cost.

In return for the funding and as the owner of the Renewable Heating system, you will make the application to Ofgem under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme and then assign the rights to the Renewable Heat Incentive payments over to Clean Air Ventures as your nominated Ofgem Approved Investor. This is transferred to us via an option called The Assignment of Rights.

Here's how it works

10 steps to Clean, Green Heat


Apply now and one of the Clean Air Ventures team will be in contact to run through a few simple eligibility checks and to confirm how much funding you could be eligible for


You will then receive a proposal for the supply and installation of your renewable heating system from a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) Approved Installer.


Now you can apply for your Renewable Heat Funding with Clean Air Ventures, in order to complete the application you will need the proposal provided to you by your MCS installer and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Dated within the last two years.


Once we have completed our checks, we’ll confirm how much Renewable Heat Funding you’ll receive, If you are happy with the funding you will be sent your funding agreement to sign.


Once the paperwork has been completed you will be sent your Renewable Heating Funding voucher which you provide to your chosen MCS installer.


Your MCS installer completes the installation.


You apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive including assigning Clean Air Ventures as your Ofgem Approved Investor.


You provide Clean Air Ventures with the invoice from your nominated MCS installer and confirmation that you have a service and maintenance agreement in place for your new heating system.


We complete a few final checks.


We release payment to your chosen MCS installer on your behalf for the agreed funding amount.

Download the Renewable Heat Funding Essential Guide

Ready to make the switch to renewable heating?

Find out how much funding you are eligible for.

What is the Renewable
Heat Incentive?

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a UK Government scheme aiming to encourage uptake of Renewable Heat Technologies amongst householders, communities and businesses through financial incentives, and contribute towards the 2020 ambition of 12% of heating coming from renewable sources)

Making the Switch
to Renewable Energy

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has introduced an option to help householders and organisations access finance to overcome the upfront costs of a renewable heating system. This is called ‘Assignment of Rights’ and allows an investor to help fund the purchase and/or installation of such systems.

It is called the ‘Assignment of Rights’ because you the customer will assign the rights to the Renewable Heat Incentive to us, Clean Air Ventures.

Why is it important?

By making the switch to renewable energy, you’re doing your bit to decrease carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

With the help of our funding, we can increase the number of renewable heating systems being installed in the UK, making heat pumps a more affordable option for many homes nationwide.

Ultimately, the more people we can help make the switch, the better it is for climate change – and our planet.

Who is it for?

Domestic Properties

Heat pumps are a great way to reduce your energy bills, especially if your home runs on oil or storage heaters.

There are many benefits of switching to renewable energy for your home heating.
In fact, heat pumps can save you on average up to 20% less on your energy bills, a huge cost saving in today’s current environment.

Social Housing Providers

It’s not just private dwellings we can provide funding for. The Assignment of Rights is also applicable to domestic properties and social housing providers across the UK.

Get in touch to find out more about our social housing solution.

Introduce renewable energy

The race to replace fossil fuel with a credible alternative renewable energy source has itself heated up in recent years. Domestic space and water heating are part of an already huge and growing industry sector where technological advances are being made in developing now tried and tested systems ready for installation.

Types of renewable energy systems

Four kinds of renewable energy have emerged and are now part of the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme.

First, the Air Sourced Heat Pump System is by far the most suited for installation into domestic settings.

Next, as an alternative, but less suited for the same setting, heat can be generated and circulated underground using a Ground Sourced Heat Pump System.

Thirdly, and using perhaps more familiar looking equipment is the Biomass boiler but instead of burning fossil fuel, uses a variety of sustainable sources to fuel heat generation.

The last of the four alternatives within the RHI
scheme is Solar Thermal energy.

By using the free, renewable energy absorbed from the sun to heat the roof sited ‘collectors’, the heat is transferred to the hot water system . While reducing the emissions created by fossil fuelled water heating systems, the advantages of some of the other forms of renewable energy are becoming more suited to our domestic settings where both space and water heating can be generated more efficiently.

You can see here the scale of each of the four energy sources by the share each have of the total number of installations so far throughout the UK.

Cost savings with renewable energy

Even after taking account of the electricity ASHPs need to operate, the energy extracted from the environment is in the form of renewable heat and the resulting heat output is greater than the electricity input. Even with outside temperatures as low as -15°c, an ASHP can absorb enough energy to heat a domestic home space and water.

Installation of a standard ASHP space and water heating system into an average four-bedroom detached UK home typically will cost between £5500 and £7500. Running costs will vary of course depending on factors such as the level of insulation and the room temperature settings used, the chosen method of heat distribution (underfloor or radiators), where savings can be made.

When replacing an old and inefficient system with an air source heat pump, homes/tenants are likely to see a reduction in the fuel costs of up to £425pa. A significant reduction in carbon emissions can also be expected when a new pump replaces an old inefficient system.

Replacing a gas system would see annual savings of up to 4750Kg and replacing a similar aged oil system as much as up to 7600Kg.

A successful application for the RHI scheme could mean a repayment of up to £1500 a year. *This data can be found on the website of the UK Energy Saving Trust

By using your existing procurement frameworks for the supply and installation of retro-fit systems carried out by an MCS Certified Installer using MCS Approved equipment (and in line with MCS standards), you will be able to apply for Ofgem Accreditation. Once accredited, Ofgem will release RHI payment to Clean Air Ventures, as their approved investor.

Funding solutions for a cleaner, greener future

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